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SC10/11 & SQ 6/7

The generators with the highest power in the high speed (3000/3600 rpm) range, are the SC 10 and SC11. This type is only available in a single phase version, built in a polyester sound shield or in a steel profile sound shield. These generators are introduced in 2005 as a Whisper 12/12000 (Mastervolt), then as Whisper 10 (Mastervolt) and in the implementation of WhisperPower since 2010 as a SC10. The base is the same for all these models, a Mitsubishi 3 cylinder diesel engine. 
The 1500 rpm range begins with the SQ6. This quiet and powerful generator is available as a single phase 230V/ 50Hz 1500rpm, and as dual phase 120V / 60Hz / 1800 rpm (SQ 7). This generator is available in both cabinet models, both polyester as steel. Since early 2013, this generator is delivered with a new type of impeller pump with a better water flow and longer life of the impeller.
Below you can find a complete overview of all the parts wich are suitable for these models.