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Maintenance Kit B whisper 16/20& 16000/20000 Ultra

50201361 Maintenance Kit B whisper 16/20& 16000/20000 Ultra

€ 1,849.00 tax excluded
€ 2,237.29 tax included


These service kits are available for maintenance or to have the essential parts at hand.

This Kit contains:

1.4x50201035Copper gasket ring 12x18x1,5 mm
2.2x50212622Capacitor with wires 30uF 475V, kit
3.1x50209021Cover impellerpump
4.1x50201459Bearing 40x80x18 mm (6208-2z)
5.1x50201890Rotating diode 6-11 kVA
6.1x50201451O-ring bearing 80x2
7.4x50203034Gasket fuel return injector M2
8.1x50206034Gasket rocker cover M16
9.1x50206038Gasket themostat M16
10.4x50206040Glow plug M12 M16
11.1x50206045Thermostat M16
12.4x50203050Nozzle tip injector M
13.1x50206120V-belt M16
14.1x50206121Oil Filter M16
15.1x50209012Gasket impeller waterpump
16.1x50206259Impeller raw water pump M16
17.2x50206264Bearing raw water pump M16
18.2x50206262Seal raw water pump M16
19.2x50206266Ring raw water pump M16
20.1x50206263O-ring raw water pump M16
21.6x50209018Screws impellerpump Stainless ZKGR M4x8
22.1x50209210Switch exhaust temp 90 degr C M16x1.5 NC
23.1x50206122Fuel filter M16
24.1x50212624Capacitor with wires 40uF 475V, kit
25.1x50209201Switch exhaust temp 90 degr C M16x1.5 NC
26.1x50209208Switch coolant temp 110ºC M16x1.5 NC
27.1x50209212Oilpressure switch 0,5 single pole
28.2x50212154Fuse blade type 3 Amp 32V violet
29.1x50212170Fuse blade type 10 Amp 32V red
30.1x50245503Spare case 510x261x230 with logo

Maintenance Kit B for Following Generators:

Whisper 16/20U & 16000/20000U 1500 / 1800 RPM
* 50908005
* 50908006
* 50908020
* 50908055
* 50908056
* 50808005
* 51108005
* 51108055
* 51108006
* 51108056
* 51108020

Download here the PDF version with the content of this kit: 50201361-b-kit-w16-20u